Lane had previously been a member for a brief period in with Claypool and original guitarist Todd Huth , and has been involved with a number of Claypool’s side projects , such as The Holy Mackerel , Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade , and Sausage , which was itself a reunion of the Primus lineup. Archived from the original on July 20, Retrieved October 1, As the corpse reaches the jailhouse, he and the sheriff enter into a stand-off, and though the sheriff draws first and fires several times, the corpse overpowers him. Green Naugahyde Studio album by Primus. Retrieved September 30, Views Read Edit View history.

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This will be our last and most direct stop in Antipop land for a while. They can go back to re-inventing the wheel next time.

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This would be a great one to see them draw out a bit longer live. Arguably their least listenable disk, despite finishing strong with two of their very finest recordings. Archived from the original PDF on August 13, Many critics agree that the new material is reminiscent of Primus’ earlier albums such as Frizzle Fry[25] [34] [35] with many of the new songs being primus green naugahyde to directly evoke some of the band’s previous work. Primus Return with First New Song”.

Primus – Green Naugahyde | Album Reviews | Consequence of Sound

Retrieved Nauvahyde 30, Naugahyde is not the best album Primus have ever released — not by a long shot — but it’s the closest thing to a return to form since ‘s Tales from the Punchbowl. A song like “Jilly’s on Smack” just wouldn’t have been written in the early Nineties, because we hadn’t lost a friend to heroin addiction.


Retrieved June 12, Share Tweet Submit Pin. Claypool has stated that “”Eyes of the Squirrel” is actually a very strong commentary on visual primus green naugahyde. Retrieved from ” https: This is already one of my favorite Primus songs.

If so, that would be unfortunate.

Retrieved September 13, You could also chalk up the public indifference to mixed reviews. Views Read Edit View history. Green Naugahyde” in Finnish. From Wikipedia, the naugahydr encyclopedia.

Lane had previously been a member for a brief period in with Claypool and original guitarist Todd Huthand has been primus green naugahyde with a number of Claypool’s side projectssuch as The Holy MackerelColonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigadeand Sausagewhich was itself a reunion of the Primus lineup.

What those songs have done is right the wrongs inherent on Antipop and Brown Album the latter being instrumentally compelling but skeletal and underwritten from a composition standpoint; the former being just kind of an out-and-out trainwreck.

Claypool has described the lyrics of “Jilly’s on Smack” as being about a friend who “disappeared into the world of heroin ,” and has said that the use of found footage in the video reflects the song’s theme. Soundwave TV on YouTube. The sheriff is then strung up by his ankles as primus green naugahyde corpse takes his badge and staggers off towards the sunset on the horizon, and it is revealed that the whole video was actually a movie at a drive-in theater that is being booed by the patrons, except for one young boy who applauds the film.


An ode to a giant metal presumably cumbersome pedal-powered car developed by California arts collective Krank Boom Clankwhich up until recently the boys were seen riding in a goofy photo on the homepage of Primusville.

Primus’ Les Claypool on new album, Green Naugahyde “. Green Naugahyde has received generally positive, if somewhat mixed reviews. Even that is kind of a backhanded compliment, “Hennepin Crawler” and “Last Salmon Man” being right up there amongst the elite entries in the Primus catalog.

Obviously, with Jay there’s a newness to it, but because he left the band right before we recorded our first record, his approach has an eerie harkening to the old Frizzle Fry days.

Ler does what he does best, laying atmosphere over top of everything. The first was made for the track ” Tragedy’s a’ comin ‘”; co-directed by Claypool and Mark Kohrwho had previously directed a number of the band’s videos in the early s.

Time off has been good to Primus. CS1 German-language sources de Articles with hAudio primus green naugahyde. They Can’t All Be Zingers.