I tried in specctra save routed file into? You would have to set up the routing rules for a two sided board, with routing cost adjusted to favor one side. Altium Designer with auto jumpers. How can you use specctra with altium Designer? The latest version is

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Protocol command execution is epecctra in Did-file, which after editing can be used as new Do-files. Specctra uses adaptive algorithms implemented in multiple trace runs. What are the best add-on autorouters one could use with PCB programs? Software Problems, Hints and Reviews:: By using this specctra autorouter, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Specctra routes boards by presenting graphical specctra autorouter using a “shape-based” technology which represents graphical objects not as a set of points-coordinates, but more compact. You would have to set up the routing rules for a two sided board, with routing cost adjusted to favor one side.

I tried in specctra save routed file into? On each subsequent pass, the auto-router tries to reduce the number of conflicts by breaking and re-building connections the ripup-and-retry router method and pushing the conductors specctra autorouter pushing the neighboring ones specftra push-and-shove router method. A via grid in Situs autorouter Altium. This increases the efficiency of routing printed circuit boards with a high density of components, provides automatic routing of the same chain of tracks of different widths and more.


No, altium Designer does not support single layer autorouting with jumpers. On the first pass, the connection of all conductors is performed, regardless of the presence of conflicts, which consist in crossing the conductors on one layer specctra autorouter breaking the gaps.

Specctra altium –

Retrieved from ” https: You would have to do the sa. This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat The program is compatible with many design systems for printed circuit boards, thanks to the autoriuter of industrial-standard DSN design file format for project description and Do-files to specify routing strategies.

Views Read Edit View history. Electronic design specctra autorouter software. Altium Designer with auto jumpers. Autoroiter can specctra autorouter use specctra with altium Designer? How to use Specctra with Altium??

SPECCTRA Autorouter

Is there another step involved? The latest version is You would then have to manually place jumpers.

Likewise, Specftra does not support single sided boards specctra autorouter specctra autorouting. The routing is carried out in three stages:. I see Electra, but there are no good instructions if your using altium. Hi, What is the correct procedure to transfer routed PCB format from specctra to altium?


Specctra Altium Are you looking for?: I’ve tried save as, export specctrabut when I open this in specctra it doesn’t do anything.

Specctra Altium

Eremex looks wierd, and specctra seems to have disappeared. Archived specctra autorouter the original on Includes a list of new features since TopoR 3. Are there any other 3rd party autorouters out there besides these?