We show the lowest rates the ads can be purchased for directly in our Media Options and Pricing Tab. Rj Abinaya Degree Kaapi Show. How can an advertiser record the Interview? If the cost of an ad is listed as Rs for a radio station in a city, it means its the pricing unit of 1 jingle played for 10 seconds If advertisers play a second Ad 5 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs. Why Advertise in Suryan FM These are morning or early evening slots when most of the audiences are listening to the radio as they commute.

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The RJ spends about sec talking about the brand. At the start of the campaign, we will share approximate time at which ad will be played. Where the cost incurred will be moderate. The advertising brand has the option of recording and airing an exclusive interview which helps to promote the brand.

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The rates are usually moderate. How do I ensure that my ad is being played as desired? The Broadcast Certificate is issued at the letter head of the Broadcaster. When the Suryan fm 93.5 talks about your brand while conducting the show, it helps to promote your brand. Once the ad is approved and payment made, it takes 1 working day to start the campaign 2. Additional Discounts on ad rates depend upon the volume of ad buying by advertisers. As a leading Radio Advertising agency in Chennai we offer the best rates to our clients.


Broadcast certificate which is shared within 30 days of the campaign end will have the exact air time 3.

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The rates are usually higher than the other slots. The channel has 7 broadcasting stations in Tamil Nadu. Advertisers can get premium placements at a higher cost for a 10 second FCT which is aired as the last or the first spot of the break.

The rates vary according to the selected time band. Broadcast certificate which is shared within 30 days of the campaign end will have the exact air time. Why Advertise in Suryan FM Advertisers can wish the audience on special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Independence Day, etc. Rj Keerthi Cinema Scope. It is one of the recommended ad slots for radio advertisers because of the high engagement of listeners, due to this the cost of this time slot is also suryan fm 93.5.

The cost is usually the lowest. You need to submit the artwork ssuryan make the payment.

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Due to overbooking there might be drops in the suyan of ads scheduled for a day. The ads get equal slots between morning drive, midday and evening drive.


T M A Ranking 1. Are there any Terms and Conditions that I should be aware of? We keep total cost down and provide you with very competitive rates.

On Suryan FM Chennai, some of the brands who have advertised earlier are shown below: We show the lowest rates the ads can be purchased for directly suryan fm 93.5 our Media Options and Pricing Tab. We share the ad spot timings on a daily basis through which one can track the number of spots played during the campaign. Advertisers have the opportunity the name of the brand to any specific program or song of the Radio Station as Title Sponsorship, Powered by or associate sponsorship Roadblock: What is an Interview?

Commercial times and their suryan fm 93.5 are further classified on the following basis: You can also contact us to know more about placing adverts in Suryan FM, Chennai.