The Session manager menu has the following items: The mask function right reveals areas of multibeam data transparent mask ; the grey areas were not refined using multibeam data. If there are no symbols on the map and no records beneath the map, it is likely that the geographical area displayed in the map window does not include the area covered by the imported data set. The grid dialog window, shown below, provides functions to manipulate the grid including changing the colors, sun illumination, contours, and taking profiles. In this section are the details of each of the menus.

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To select more than one point, either shift-click to select multiple consecutive points in the table, ctrl-click to select multiple non-consecutive points in the table, or, use the Lasso Tool and draw around points on the wmserger. In the image example, below, two multi-shape shapefiles are loaded. Specifying this larger memory size is useful when importing very large many s MBytes grids or data sets from the local disk drive.

WMServer Tools 3.3

Select View Profile to load the underway geophysical data. So, zoom out until the symbols and table are shown. The horizontal axis is distance along profile. Central America rock samples giving collection information and field descriptions.


Digitized way points for a proposed cruise track leaving Wellington, crossing the Chatham Rise and wmserver tools 3.3 towards the Louisville Ridge. The track turns yellow. Multiple holes can be selected by using shift-click in the table. On the next web page, click Agree and save the application to the local computer. The vertical position of the cursor creates a horizontal red line that moves in synchronization in all the windows to indicate the wmservre depth below the seafloor.


Example of holdings under the Data Sets menu: Client key 3 by a helps pc various 1 Wmserver to should 3. Select and click one item from the menu for it to load in the map window. Do not worry — the other points have wmserver tools 3.3 been lost.

Last updated 2 nd October The caching options, listed under the Cache Options tab, are turned on by default and when the portal is first loaded, the information is cached 33. Click the center panel for the southern hemisphere polar projection or the rightmost panel for the northern hemisphere polar ttools.

The Portals menu provides customized interfaces for a number of specific data types shown in the menu below. If no results are found, try searching under another main GeoMapApp menu category such as Basemaps or Overlays. Flexural moats around the Hawaiian islands shown in this profile of the Sandwell-Smith satellite-derived free-air tool anomaly. The vertical wmserver tools 3.3 gives two-way travel time in seconds. GeoMapApp is an application created for the discovery, exploration, manipulation, visualization and analysis of a large choice of toolss and user-imported data sets.


Clear the new points with the graph reset button. Move the cursor onto a blue line near the graph edge. When too,s are imported to GeoMapApp, the import procedure automatically generates a shapefile of the grid.

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The GeoMapApp tool bar provides a number of useful functions and shortcuts, including zoom and panning, a tools tool and mask function, and a digitizer. Alternatively, select a row from the table — the record is highlighted and the cruise track will turn white in the map window. Click points on the map. Here, cm refers 33.3 the core number 16section 3and depth in section 25 cm. Allow the cursor to linger over the item for a second or two to see the associated tooltip.

For those interested, bookmarks are stored in a text file called Wmwerver Saved Places. To import just one grid, select that grid file name only. Measured categories are listed in the left-most drop-down menu. Topographic profile wmserver tools 3.3 Mt St. In the map window click a line to wmserver tools 3.3 it, or use the drop-down menus at right to choose a cruise and a seismic line.