Developers informed us they aren’t usable. Leveling, crafting, coupon shop, random shop etc Are you planning anyhow to change the coupon random shop or the use of coupons at all? We feel we should sort the balance a bit before adding new things and complexity. He blacklisted me because i told him that i was going to report him for using infinite F Hack. It’s and invisible bot that search you and kicks you. But I don’t know how I should handle the lags then. No one cares about your personnal opinion, fact is:

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Wasn’t in our list, but we could consider xtrap bypass s4 league. Such as Phoenix set, oh boy I love that one There is a chance but no concrete plans.

Not yet, but possible. An alternative could be building the maps from scratch. We will add new maps, no ETA yet. That way it might be more interesting for people to play it if it’s a seasonal thing.

Do you want to see Karasakal in the video?

[Release] Xtrap Bypass

I can’t wait for the things to start moving especially the random shop, and the other systems. Do we remove servers?

We will consider direct contribution for players, but we need to work out a model, see technical constraints etc, so it’s a long-term project. Developers informed us they aren’t usable. Why do you think famous games got regions for players? As mentioned before, changing the leveling system into an “endless” leveling with proper rewards is also something we are considering. More importantly, we want to do most things together with the community. This development delay or the “one-time” issues are just an excuse for “Help, we don’t have any legaue programmers in our company because all we do bypwss publishing trashy korean games mostly made by X-Legend for little kids”.


Leveling, crafting, coupon shop, random shop etc Are you planning anyhow to change the coupon random shop or the use of coupons at all? It’s likely that you see a event-maps think small events like pass mode or bomber mode first. xtrap bypass s4 league

[Release] Xtrap Bypass

For once in S4’s entire life, a non-korean team is behind S4’s lead, so i’m gonna say that it is indeed fair to give them a chance. Xtrap we already know s4 used xtrap before but not with heartbeat and that was from long time and maybe there something better. Your S4L software engineering job offer basically confirmed this. But yeah, it was nice hearing the first patch will be out soon and also about the comic I think I heard something about a comic.

Questions & Answer Session 3

Do we change rewards? If we should listen you: Maybe they could open other servers for certain regions without being able to join other servers.


When is a new map coming? Not on s4 league tho. At this point is rather about the game having a big hole in security manners than anti-hacks. When can we expect a xtrzp update? Are we getting a weapon creation event? Meh, I don’t like the way you’re thinking.

[Tool] XTrap Bypass from Slicktor – S4 League Hacks, Cheats – Games Research Community

We need to see how much of the unreleased content is available. We are currently working on a patch with a couple character and weapon skins. Patience has been always rewarding.

We will revise the web and game shop in time. That not a skin?