So much more than I expected. Eventually there is the heroism of going on with life having experienced so much death. I can see why so many helicopter pilots have read this text, as Mason describes the terrifically challenging circumstances that he deals with for combat landings and take-offs, as well as all too human appreciation for the breakdown in the military and on a person’s soul from struggling through such a terrible conflict. The old man said nothing about Morris except that we ought to get some money together for flowers for his wife, but Sherman took it upon himself to give a little speech that night. I found it unfortunately a bit repetitive: There is a diagram at the beginning of the book of a helicopter with all the major parts named. Mason piloted the famed Huey helicopters during his tour of duty, initially with the 1st Cav yes, he did participate in the Ia Drang Valley battle, popularly known through the We Were Soldiers movie.

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PTSD evident at chickenhawk robert mason end masn his service – what happened I want to know? Now we have unmanned drones that kill from the air and humans that blow themselves up in a crowd. Sporadic action but constant fear, and hilarious dark military humor, from kids who had no business being there and only started to understand much later.

Chickenhawk by Robert Mason (4 star ratings)

The setting of Chickenhawk is in two different places. We took off singly to join up out of the fog. I didn’t see a whole lot about what the pilot thought about the war or how he dealt with his feelings about it and the controversy surrounding it. But as the days A classic. And then there is some occasional sane thinking: This is like trying to plug fifty leaks with one finger.


In Augusthe was chickenhawk robert mason to five years in a minimum-security prisonbut was allowed to remain free on bail pending an appeal of his conviction.

Does a good job of capturing the day to day lives of the armed forces, their fears and the futility of war.

In early AugustChickenhawk was published. Guess that makes us chickens. He captures in detail the everyday training, missions, conversations, action, frivolity and mundanity of Army life.


I guess I was spoiled by the glaring reviews and endorsements this book got and I was expecting more. But as the days tumble by, you also begin to feel the toll of the accruing stress and strain, watching comrades and enemies dying, some by design and some by sheer happenstance.

Without doubt being a helicopter enthusiast, or better yet, a fellow pilot will help msaon of our appreciation of how risky mountain helicopter operations can be even without the gunfire. IMHO, it could have been a bit shorter in places, and I could have done with less on the technical and tactical aspects of flying a helicopter – but I’m sure folks who’ve been chickenhawk robert mason liked having that stuff.

RWS 46 – Chickenhawk with Robert Mason – The Rotary Wing Show Podcast

My reason for not rating it a bit higher is that it seems to drag a bit in the final quarter, and the ending feels sloppy and abrupt.


They are often taking ground fire and sometimes coming down as a result. Apr 11, Dustin rated it really liked it. Chickenhawk deals chronologically with Mason’s training and his chickenhawk robert mason in, and immediately after, Vietnam.

RWS 46 – Chickenhawk with Robert Mason

Kindle Editionpages. I realize that’s the case for the majority of people that experience heavy combat across all of human history, but this one was still unique in that helicopter pilots flying combat was a fairly new idea at the time. And then, like Bob Chickenhawk robert mason, we could spend years trying to figure out how everything got so We all say we could never do something like this, but the truth is that we could and we would if the shit really hit the fan.

By FebruaryMason had a page partial manuscript about one-thirdand an outline of the rest of his memoir. While searching GR I found several excellent reviews of Chickenhawk. Return to Book Page. Lists with This Book. A vivid account told in the most matter-of-fact way. Chickenhawk is compelling from start to finish. But we will not surrender and we will not retreat. Chickenhawk author Robert Mason shares some of his memories of flying the Huey in this episode.

May 18, Chickenhawk robert mason Rezabek rated it it was amazing.