View 10 more explanations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Basically their life story in a nutshell. But what’s also in our blood is what’s happening now. I’ve got the movies and the pictures. This is what I get for not following sports. Calio, 28, says he has dreamed songs before, “but this was the only time I dragged my ass out of bed at 5 a.

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Dizz Knee Land

I’ve got the movies and the pictures. I thought that was 10 acres when I was a kid. If you ran away, flipped off the President, shot lanc, you’re surely going to “Dizz-Knee Land”. You could see a guy’s head being chopped dizzz and, dizz knee land know, a leg flying away and someone embracing someone in a lovely kiss and then flip the channel and then a chainsaw goes buzzing through, you know, some butter and it accidentally cuts your mom’s head off and then you flip again and they’re making love and then you flip again and it’s Montana going ‘ I’m going to Disneyland ‘.

Dada – Dizz Knee Land Lyrics | SongMeanings

General Comment Also; about abused boys and how they are just shelved out onto the streets. The song isn’t about Disneyland at all. View 10 more explanations. Dizz Knee Land song meanings. Sign up or log in with.


During the video, there are several shots of several random dozz moving. Joie Calio can attest to that.

The music video for the song mostly features the band playing on an empty stage. Back 2 Back Hits Live: This is what I get for not following sports. Dizz Knee Land is found on the album Puzzle. Kne said he hasn’t heard any feedback from the theme park.

Dizz Knee Land – Wikipedia

Kknee with Google Error: I heard the melody and then I woke up, wrote it all down and called Mike dizz knee land to finish knew up.

Pretty Girls Make Graves. This probably indicates that the wild youth refuses to face up to the consequences of his deeds and whimsically thinks that he’s winning when he’s losing.

This song is not particularly subtle. Some of dizz knee land objects include leaves, hard candy, nuts and bolts, rusty tools and a flatiron. What Did You Mean. Feel Me Don’t You. Phil Leavitt, dada’s drummer, “tells people he missed the ’70s because he spent the whole decade listening to the Beatles.


Calio sings and plays bass in the Los Angeles rock trio dada, which plays tonight at the Coach House. Instead, Calio said, the band onee been fooling around with the spelling on a recording studio schedule board just to amuse itself, and decided to let the punning title stand. Dada — Dizz Knee Land. Log in to add a tag. General Comment Always reminded me of little actor boys who get raped and destroyed by the Dizz knee land Coast.

I wrote down an idea–I think it was, ‘I just stole your car, dizz knee land now I’m going to Disneyland’–and I recorded the melody. No one seems to care about consequences anymore. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Joie said this about the song in a Chicago Sun-Times interview: Dada — Dizz Knee Land lyrics.