Apr 24, Lindsey Haas rated it liked it. How can Drita find her place at school and in her new neighborhood when she doesn? At first Maxie is resistant to befriending Drita, but later these 4th graders find themselves paired up by their teacher. But when her teacher suggests making the new girl, Maxie, her research project, Drita soon realizes that she may find a real friend in an unusual place. Maxie is one of the homegirls of the fourth grade:

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This story includes a lot more than just a book about two friends: Maxie becomes enraged at this injustice and punches the girl. This is exactly what fourth grader Drita Kelmendi is feeling when she leaves war-torn Kosovo with her family to find safety in New York City.

Fleeing war-torn Kosovo, ten-year-old Drita and her family move to America with the dream of living a typical American life.

Jenny Lombard’s book “Drita My Homegirl” is an emotional and educational book about discrimination. A refugee druta Kosovo, Drita has just arrived in America drita my homegirl her family. Tongue Twisters Galore – One of the main characters of the hkmegirl, Drita, is from the country of Homegir. Drita must face new challenges, like going to an American school and making new friends.


One thing that I really liked from this book was how the diversity was shown through an American life vs. My daughter and I had fun taking turns reading outloud to each other. Purpose in the classroom I would use this book as either a book conference or in a literature circle. Maxie comes to Drita’s defense and punches Brandee in the stomach.

Drita, My Homegirl

Apr 13, Abbie Shawano rated it liked it Shelves: Maxie is African American, one of the in-crowd that wants nothing to do with the newcomer–until her social studies teacher charges her with interviewing Drita about her story.

Excerpts Chapter 1 For three days, before I am coming to this country, I can’t eat.

Bluestem Book Award Nominee What if I don’t know my own baba when I see him at the airport? It shows that Drita and Maxie had their own interpretations of their experiences. We are experiencing technical difficulties. As a casual reader, this book really didn’t do much for me.

Drita is a refugee from Kosova who, along with her family, is finally joining her father in New York City. Her new friendship assigned to her by a caring teacher with Drita ends up steadying her. Loving and level-headed grandmothers dritz as surrogates. My mother is afraid I’m sick, and the Americans will turn mu away when we get to New York City, but my grandmother said don’t worry: Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans.


I had not read this book prior to starting the read-aloud. This is a really nice book about Drita, a girl from Kosovo who ran away to America with her family, and Maxie, a girl who lost her mother and is acting out at drita my homegirl.

But, as Drita is forced to form an unwanted alliance with drita my homegirl classmate, Maxie, she discovers her that their lives are not as different as they originally thought.

Drita, My Homegirl by Jenny Lombard | : Books

I’m not trying to sound like a hypocrite but I know that probably ambut just consider these things before selecting it as a read-aloud.

She said it’s just the excitement taking away my appetite. The students, families, teachers, refugee workers, etc. One is named Drita and the other is named Maxie.

Apr 09, Erin Feller rated it really liked it Shelves: She teaches us that when we embrace other cultures, we soon learn to look at our similarities, rather than our differences.

Gjyshe and I watch silently as my father drives the car down the ramps drita my homegirl tunnels of the airport.