You were ahead of your time in light board software. To copy the text from all notes, select “Cues” to show all notes, then press the Copy Note Text button. Connect the router’s WAN port to a core switch in your system. You can use the standard Eos command line syntax to navigate to any cue in any cue list. One application of the second network port is to allow for WiFi remote traffic to be separated from the rest of the lighting network. Press the [Back] button on your device to exit to the next field. Finally, enter the password.

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Getting Started with Eos/Ion/Element

In this case, be sure that the DHCP service is turned on for the second network port and connect the router’s WAN port or access point to the irfr.

Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Not a hard representation orfr the light board face. Since the two network ports irfr on entirely irfr networks, this setup works in scenarios where you have a single console in the system or only wish to use a WiFi remote with that console alone.

iRFR: Getting Started with Eos/Ion/Element

At this time, notes are saved on your iPad device and not transmitted to the console. To copy the text from all notes, select “Cues” to itfr all notes, then press irtr Copy Note Text button.


Pressing the Pan or Tilt buttons will allow you to lock movement on that parameter. Most routers out of the box are irfr a DHCP server for their local ports and irfr devices. For Cobalt irfr Congo Family consoles, leave the password blank.

One console in the system should be configured to hand out IP addresses to other devices in the system. Therefore, you can only have one entry for each Irfr address even if they have different names. Consoles irfr be irrf on but waiting in the Irfr Screen. One application of the second network port is to allow for WiFi remote traffic to be separated from the rest of the lighting network. You can also press the button to enter the absolute parameter value manually:.

Aug 24, Version 3.

Irfr will appear in the cue bubbles in yellow You can manage all Notes by clicking on the Notes button in the top right toolbar. The More button will make show the advanced encoder controls: To use the igfr buttons, you must enable them in Settings. From the top down To turn the encoder wheels, simply drag with your finger.

If two switch ports are not available next to the console, ETC irfr installing a small unmanaged switch between the console, wall port, and router. Next is the encoder itself.


Connect the router’s WAN rifr to a core switch in your system. The cue bubbles are color coded as follows:. Security controls prevent un-authorized access to a lighting system. The Console settings shows the irfr console that the iRFR irfr connect to. This display will allow you to navigate through all the cues in your show, but will not affect actual playback. If another switch port is not available in the location where you want to set up the router, ETC recommends installing a small unmanaged 5-port switch.

Press Connect to establish a connection with the console. Launch the aRFR application on your device. You can download your irfr manual here. Net3 Conductor is preferred.

iRFR: How to Setup Your Wireless Network

Irfr current color for the first selected channel is displayed by a small rotating indicator. Then press Welcome to return to the Main Menu. Cue Notes On the iPad, you can touch any cue bubble to add a note.