Plant foods for human nutrition Dordrecht, Netherlands , 51 2: It gives the body the energy needed to defend itself and to help resist diseases. Salep, po dr S. Davati po 20—30 kapi tri puta dnevno pre jela. ZOVA Bazovina, baz, zovika, sambuk, bazgovina, bsova, baza. Burn in incenses or drink the infusion to aid in spells for letting go. They are low-maintenance plants.

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Hawthorn has been used for centuries in treating heart disease, as regular use strengthens the heart muscles, and to prevent arteriosclerosis, angina, and poor heart action. Healing energies come from the leaves.

Peppermint is used in charms to heal the sick, as well as in incenses in the sickroom of the patient. Sifilis ne ubrajamo u ovu grupu. Hazel nuts hung in the house will bring luck, and can be carried to cause fertility. U nekim zemljama ginu. Za to treba davati: It is also used for suppressed menstruation. Iz semena ovsa pravimo i druge preparate.


• Pogledaj temu – Ljekovito bilje

Katran se rastvara u spiritusu, raoiji i uljima. Rakiii infusion made of mugwort is used to cleanse crystals and scrying mirrors. It is used internally and externally as a remedy for tendonitis. Lemon Balm is used in treating headaches, colds, and nervous or upset stomachs. Frankincense is burned to raise vibrations, purify, and exorcise. VINU resume updated 1. U istu grupu lekova spada i lek dobijen iz crvevg venje.

A tea made of heather blossoms is used to suppress coughing, and as an aid for sleeplessness. Uzima se u obliku odvara, u dozi 60 grama na litar vode.

– Poljoprivredni – . – [PDF Document]

It is a perennial, and reaches to about 2 feet tall. Ginger is used in passion spells, to “heat up” the relationship. Jojoba is a great massage oil. Cvetovi su crvenkastobeli, izbijaju u kolenima glavice dugog klasa. Ima je po peloj Evropi.

Grow clover as you would lawn grasses. Eucalyptus oil is a powerful antiseptic, and is used to treat pyorrhea gum diseaseand is used on burns to prevent infections. Harvest the leaves and flower tops as they bloom and store in air-tight containers.


Plant in six week intervals for a season-long supply of fresh dill. A pinch added to other herbs for magickal purposes will increase their potency. Interesantna knjizica-“Tajni zivot biljaka”, P. Rosemary is a perennial that prefers mild climates, so it needs to be grown indoors where the winters are harsh, or very heavily mulched. Raste pored puteva i ogranaka.

Vinu Resume

Oats are a traditional food for those recovering from an illness. For Exernal use only.

Drugi su upotrebljavali odvar njegove kore s vinom. Od tinkture iz cvetova daje se 3—5 puta po 10 kapi, a iz semena samo 15 kapi dnevno. Hung in the home it will protect against lightning.